Redbridge was commissioned by the Herald Sun to conduct an extensive survey within the State of Victoria. The survey was conducted via an online panel, between 31 October – 6 November 2022. The survey size was conducted among a sample of n=1,189 people aged 18 years and over from a population of 3,974,671. The effective sample size following weighting is n=1,172, with an effective margin of error of +/-2.9%. The sample was weighted for age, and gender against all people aged 18 years and over in Victoria.

The Herald Sun has thus far published results from the following questions, as formatted in the survey;


Voting Intention (First Question in the Survey)

The Victorian state election is due on Saturday 26 November 2022. If you had to vote now, which of the following parties or candidates would receive your first preference vote [randomize]:

• Labor
• Liberal
• Greens
• Nationals
• An independent
• Another party
• Unsure

[If unsure]: If you are unsure, to which of the following would you lean to, even if only slightly [randomize]?

o Labor
o Liberal
o Greens
o Nationals
o An independent
o Another party

Health (Question following perceptions on personal housing affordability and lifestyle). Following questions in survey order.

In your opinion, is Victoria’s health system in crisis?

• Yes
• No
• Unsure

[If the answer is yes] In your opinion, who is best to fix the health crisis, Matthew Guy and the Liberal and Nationals or Daniel Andrews and Labor? [randomize]

• Matthew Guy and the Liberal and Nationals
• Daniel Andrews and Labor
• Unsure

Do you agree or disagree with the Victorian Liberal and Nationals policy to delay the construction of stage 1 of the Suburban Rail Loop and divert all funds saved to hospitals and the health system?

• Strongly agree
• Agree
• Don’t agree
• Strongly don’t agree
• Unsure

Do you support a Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne’s western suburbs?

• Yes
• No
• Unsure