Redbridge Commissioned polling as reported here at 


Data Collection – E.G. Kooyong Federal Electorate

This study was conducted via touch-tone response automated phone

survey conducted 2-6 March 2022. Surveys are conducted between

17:30 – 20:20 weekdays and 10:00 – 17:30 Saturdays at the local time of

respondents so as to not over-sample nonworkers and stay-at-homes.

The study was conducted among a sample of n=1,030 people aged 18

years and over from a population of 145,399. Telephone numbers were

provided by the client and include both landline and mobile phone

numbers. In this survey 70.1% of respondents were reached via mobile



Following the completion of the surveys, the data was weighted using

iterative proportional fitting (raking) to reflect local population

proportions including gender, age, education and 2019 Federal first

preference vote. The effective sample size following weighting is 600

meaning the effective margin of error is +/-4%.

Results of previous and reported questions.